Filosofy on Friday – IV

Thoughts Like a River (or Butterfly):

My thoughts this week have flowed slowly  like a river under a pale sky, reflecting clouds. They have not had a clear focus, moving languorously from topic to topic, unable to settle, like a nervous butterfly. Filosofically, the week has been a bit of a desert.

There are actually two projects that are using up a lot of my thinking time, if not my “doing” time. It is often the case that when presented with competing demands I either flit ineffectually between them or end up in a state of inertia  (strangely, my passport has many “entry” stamps for this foreign land, but no “exit” stamps).

I am putting together two series of workshops for people with mental health problems. The first series has the working title of “Understand Yourself Better” and the second series is “Improving Self-confidence”. Both are based on a cognitive-behavioural model of mental health problems. I have been thinking about how best to present helpful information about the cognitive and emotional processes underlying the model, and linking these to the behavioural aspects. The challenge is to make the material digestible and relevant to the range of difficulties with which the participants will be presenting.

I will happily share my progress in coming posts, once the river begins to flow faster – what we need around here is more rain – and my ideas get translated into practice.







One thought on “Filosofy on Friday – IV

  1. Hate that when thoughts and insights dry up and you find yourself wandering in the wilderness. The titles sound very good. May it be that you will soon find a nourishing wellspring in the desert of your thoughts. One with a few sweet bushes nearby where your butterfly can rest itself for a while. 🙂

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