Derek’s Alcohol Alphabet – B

To help me pass the time and keep me focused in a month of planned abstinence from alcohol, ending 5th  February 2016 with a donation to a  UK cancer charity…






5 thoughts on “Derek’s Alcohol Alphabet – B

    1. No timer, no rules as such – although I may have to look at this if I market it as a game! Just a little mental challenge for me, a supposed expert on alcohol as I embark on a period of abstinence. Sometimes I type straight to screen, other times I make little lists as items occur to me. As with my thinkingerrors, I will probably put all the letters together at the end. 🙂

      1. You have me wondering if this could be interesting to do with other issues like weird phobias, fears, or even anger management. Would it work the same way? I think it’s kind of interesting — and probably challenging.

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