Derek’s Alcohol Alphabet – O

To help me pass the time and keep me focused in a month of planned abstinence from alcohol, ending 5th  February 2016 with a donation to a  UK cancer charity…





3 thoughts on “Derek’s Alcohol Alphabet – O

      1. It’s just kind of overwhelming to me. I guess because I’m a light weight. Two glasses of wine will put me to sleep, and I can’t do more than one whiskey sour a night or I’m out like a light. My friend Serge from Montreal wants me to try a Black and Tan. 😮 I think that might just do me in! LOL Drollery and I were going to dinner and the movies with my sister and her husband. Our table wasn’t ready so they kept plying us with wine. I had two glasses in the bar, then when we finally got our table they brought us another. When dinner came I was asleep with my head nearly in my plate. We never made it to the movies that night. 😀

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