Derek’s Famous Alcohol Alphabet – U


This series of blogs was started to help me pass the time and keep me focused in a month of planned abstinence from alcohol, ending 5th  February 2016 with a donation to a  UK cancer charity. I am very happy to report that I achieved my goal and the donation has been made to Maggie’s Centres, providing important support for patients and their families.





3 thoughts on “Derek’s Famous Alcohol Alphabet – U

  1. Ha Ha. Thank you! I will try to complete this week so I can begin something new. It is a motif for my life – hundreds of started but never completed projects! There must be a deep psychological meaning to this. I think “V” and “W” will be ok, maybe “Y”, but major challenge with “X” and “Z”! I will try to combine a couple in a single post. Hope all is well with you. 🙂

    1. Deep psychological meaning? Maybe it’s more simple than that. Some of us are just starters, others are finishers. For me it very much depends on whether I lose interest in something. I am proud to say I can now start a book and not finish it if it doesn’t hold my interest! Took me 45 years to figure out that was ok. 😀 But you ARE SO close! 🙂

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