Derek’s Famous Long-Drawn Out Alcohol Alphabet – V

For goodness sake, how long is this alphabet? I think I’m coming to the end of it now. It is like waiting for the perfectly pulled litre of lager in a German bar when you are gasping for that first sip.

This series of blogs was started to help me pass the time and keep me focused in a month of planned abstinence from alcohol, ending 5th  February 2016 with a donation to a  UK cancer charity. I am very happy to report that I achieved my goal and the donation has been made to Maggie’s Centres, providing important support for patients and their families.





And can you find the following in the above list….?

When you don’t know the words

Similar to Prima Donna

Imperial measure of length

An artist

Not short

Small insect

Someone regal

Like a sect

Narrow passageway


3 thoughts on “Derek’s Famous Long-Drawn Out Alcohol Alphabet – V

  1. Argh… My head is hurting! 😮 Well I think I got a few…
    similar to Prima Donna — Mariette?
    imperial measure of length — yard?
    artist — Van Gogh?
    not short — tall?
    small insect — ant?
    narrow passageway — alley?

    How’d I do boss? And what the heck are the rest of them??? o_O

  2. Definitely B+. And a bonus bag of sweets. Prima Donna was Diva, regal was king, when you don’t know the words was hum, and like a sect was cult!Thanks for playing. Hope you’re ready to face the week ahead and that it’ll be a good one!

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