Derek’s Famous Alcohol Alphabet – W

Why are we waiting? At last we have arrived at W. I think I have been spending more time drinking wine than writing about it.

This series of blogs was started to help me pass the time and keep me focused in a month of planned abstinence from alcohol, ending 5th  February 2016 with a donation to a  UK cancer charity. I am very happy to report that I achieved my goal and the donation has been made to Maggie’s Centres, providing important support for patients and their families.





5 thoughts on “Derek’s Famous Alcohol Alphabet – W

      1. I’ll bet you’ll be glad to be done with it. I had NO idea how much I was taking on doing a series of 47 Lenten posts. Good Lord! Can’t believe I made it to the then. Then, always a glutton for punishment, I turned around and joined the A-Z Challenge for April. (shakes head, rolls eyes, doubts sanity!) You’ll be relieved! You did great, bucko!

      2. I need to catch up with your Lenten posts. Doing wiothout chocolate was enough for me. And what’s the April A to Z challenge – sounds like something I need?!

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