Filosofy on Friday – Being Here

Hey, I’m here again! I have been away for quite a long time, getting lost in work and other projects/distractions. My life is a meandering path strewn with unfinished projects. I am not a finisher. In fact, in many respects I’m not even a starter. I’m a thinker. I do that bit quite well. My struggle is with the transition from thought to action.

I would not be very good as a bee. I would probably get up too late and be the last to leave the hive in the morning. I would fly off with good intentions, with some kind of flight plan in mind. Energy efficiency is the key to survival. Move from flower to flower in a systematic way, then back to base to perform that special dance. That would be the plan. But I would flit from flower to flower in an haphazard way, going where the whim took me. Losing track of my movements, I would struggle to find my way back home. My dance would be confused and over-elaborate – too much attention-seeking!

Look, I’ve already  gone off course – I didn’t know I would be writing about this. My starting point was going to be pontificating about having to be somewhere, if not here, in an existential way, maybe touching on the impossibility of omnipresence. I wanted to think about being in the present moment. And being present in a holistic way – a perfect integration of thought, feelings and behaviour. I will return at a later stage to some of my struggles with the inter-dependence of these elements, central to the cognitive-behavioural model that underlies cognitive-behavioural therapy. And then I was going to think about life as a firework display – the extent to which we are observers and/or participants. I would be the rocket with a damp, hard to ignite fuse – then the bottle would fall over and I would hit the fence and go out in a blaze of vaingloriousness.

When I run groups for people struggling with psychological problems, I ask that they try to be there in both mind and body. I liken the group to a chocolate fondue party – the more they dip their marshmallows into the pot, the more chocolate they will enjoy. When it goes well, everyone learns from each other. It is a collaborative process. And everyone should leave with chocolate around their lips.

Or honey.




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