Dr Derek’s Test of Gullibility

After years of extensive research, I am pleased to launch my Gullibility Test in time for Christmas. Population norms have been derived from thousands of questionnaires completed on-line, and the well-established Lubinski algorithm has been modified to obtain the unique Gullibility Quotient.

The GQ has the potential to revolutionalise recruitment across a wide range of industries. The GQ’s predictive validity helps to ensure that workforce depletion is minimised, thus cutting down costs. Research has shown that workforce depletion is largely driven by employees gaining insight into how they are being exploited. The applications in targeted advertising are going to be remarkable, and just think how this can be utilised in the political arena! Thanks to the data we obtained from our on-line surveys, we can already identify the most gullible in your neighbourhood.

So, why not find out your GQ? Take the test for free during this introductory period!

Dr Derek’s Test of Gullibility

Please answer each question honestly. Do not spend too long agonising over your answers – go with what feels right.

1    Do you enjoy travelling by air?  Yes/No

2    Do you prefer the coast to the countryside?   Yes/No

3    Do you like fish?  Yes/No

4     Do you have a black hood?    Yes/No



If you answered “Yes” to all questions, there is a good chance that you are a gull.


Further research has led to the development of Dr Derek’s Brief Gullibility Test.

  1.    Do you have the power of flight?    Yes/No


If you answered “No”, you are not a gull.

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