Filosofy on Friday -Selective abstraction

Selective Abstraction: I have come to collect you for the final stage of our journey through the wonderland that is biased information processing (also known within cognitive-behavioral therapy as thinking errors). Of course, my praise for this fascinating territory is not biased. I must apologise for turning up late this morning. Unfortunately our coach driver… Read More Filosofy on Friday -Selective abstraction

Filosofy on Friday – Emotional reasoning

Emotional Reasoning: We have reached the penultimate stage of our mystery tour of thinking errors in cognitive-behavioral therapy. Today we travel from the Minimalist Hotel where I dropped you off last week to the evocative Heartbreak Hotel, exploring on the way the undulating hills of Emotional Reasoning, from where you can get magnificent views of… Read More Filosofy on Friday – Emotional reasoning

Filosofy on Friday – Magnification and minimisation

Minimisation/Magnification: Today our mystery tour through the mysteries of cognitive distortions (also known as thinking errors and biased information processing within the terminology of cognitive-behavioral therapy) brings us to minimisation/magnification. I hope you enjoyed your week’s stay in the Hotel of Global Judgements – I hear the food was awful, so sorry about that (hey,… Read More Filosofy on Friday – Magnification and minimisation

Filosofy on Friday – Personalisation

Personalisation: Today I need to get personal. Our journey through the common thinking errors (or biases in thinking/information processing) that form the cornerstone of cognitive-behavioral therapy has brought us to Personalisation. When this bias is activated, the person assumes unrealistic and irrational responsibility for events that are beyond their control. It is what David Burns… Read More Filosofy on Friday – Personalisation