Fourth Test – A Bit Cheesy

So, Christmas is officially over for another eight months, until mince pies and tinsel are lining the shelves of our local supermarkets again. I took a saw to the tree this morning, a post-Christmas lumberjack in checked shirt standing manfully on the patio. I rewarded myself with a stray chocolate decoration that had fallen to the ground, its wrapper slightly damaged, but not contaminated enough for it to go in the bin. Sunday is chocolate day – I just made up this rule, because until today chocolate was on my banned foods list. We have to be reasonable.

The real test came this evening when I had prepared a lovely platter of crackers and cheese. How lovely to have a glass of red wine with the cheese. But it was not to be – I am a Dryathlete with supreme reserves of restraint, a saw and a cheeseboard.

Alcohol Info Shots #2
It takes about 600 grapes to make a standard 75cl bottle of wine.

Think how lucky you are not to be a grape counter in the great vineyards of the world and rejoice by supporting Cancer Research UK!


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